Ghost Hunting at Gloucester Prison

…It dates back centuries and is on the site of Gloucester’s old castle so it is no surprise that the old prison site has long been rumoured to be haunted.

But when Gloucestershire’s own team of ghostbusters spent the night in the former HMP Gloucester they weren’t prepared for what happened next.

…Ed said: “We keep going back to HMP Gloucester, because we love the place but also to be able to conduct a more detailed ongoing investigation.

“The prison is a big place that’s steeped in history going back to Roman times and can certainly be very active on a paranormal level to.”

England’s rich history – especially sites dating back to the Roman occupation – can be intensely powerful for ghost research. (I’m reminded of Most Haunted‘s compelling investigation of Eden Camp.)

But, later in this GloucestershireLive article, I admired what the investigators have been doing during their stay-at-home time.

The team are going back into the prison over the bank holiday weekend, but making sure they keep to social distancing.

Paul said: “While we can’t do much at the moment,we are able to continue our investigation at HMP Gloucester where we will be conducting a 48 hour investigation.

“Being stuck at home a lot has given us a chance to catch up with a lot of analysing of older investigations that we needed to clear down and also given me a chance to spend more time creating new videos documenting the evidence to.”

This is excellent advice for all of us who’ve been involved in paranormal research. While we’re generally at home – or at least doing fewer investigations – it’s an opportunity to review our past notes, photos, and recordings.

We can also look ahead to where we’ll research, next, and I’ll be adding Gloucester Prison to my list of must-see sites.

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